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About Absolute Design

Absolute Design was born out of my passion to create lovely online presences for individuals and companies on WordPress. This stem from my passion from my own blog.

After high school I studied IT at TUT but never finished my diploma. I wasn’t that much into the programming aspect. Later in life I discovered CMS and that’s when my passion blossomed. I really enjoy the front end design aspect of Web Design and together with Graphic Designs I create visually attractive websites and blogs.

I can create a lovely online (and offline) presence for your blog, company or organisation. Designing your logo, business cards, social media graphics and even a WordPress site is some of the things I can do for you. Do you need a sign or branding for your car? I’m your one stop (blog and website) shop!

I'm a blogger's best friend!

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Hello! Let's chat or you can email me on hello@absolutedesign.co.za

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