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In my previous post I discussed some steps you can take to provide security for your WordPress blog or website. One of the steps I mentioned is to choose not only a strong password but a strong username as well. If you feel that your username isn’t strong enough or you’ve made the mistake of choosing “admin” as your username then this tutorial will explain how to change it. Let’s change your WordPress Username.

Changing your WordPress username

When you navigate to users and select your own profile you will notice that you can’t change your username so the process is a little bit more complicated. Please note that you will need an alternative email address that you have access to for this.

Navigating to users on your WordPress menu and select “Add New“. Fill in all of the user fields with new info. Then select Administrator from the role drop-down. Finally click on add new user.

Hover over to Hi, “username” at the top-right of your page. Click on on “Log Out”. Once you’re logged out log back in with the new admin details by typing in your new WordPress admin username and password.

Once again navigate to users but this time select “All Users” and click on delete beside the old admin profile. Select attribute posts to “new username” and confirm deletion. It’s really important to attribute your posts to the new username, if you don’t complete that step all of your posts will be deleted.

You can now edit the new profile and change your email address back to the one you’ve been using. You will receive a confirmation email. Just click on this and you’re done!

If you’re still a bit scared to complete this process you can pop me a message and I’ll walk you through it!

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